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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can other registered users see my inventory?
    No. Only you have access to your records.
  • What happens if I accidentally exceed my inventory limit?
    You can't. You're only allowed you to enter the maximum number of inventory items for which you have pre-paid.
  • If I've already paid for Apprentice-level access, and want to upgrade to Hobbyist, do I have to pay the full $30?
    No. When upgrading, you're only required to pay the difference between the two plans. Using your example, you would pay $10 to be upgraded from Apprentice to Hobbyist.
  • Does the Beginner level have limited features?
    No. All access levels have the exact same features.
  • Can I upload pictures of my locomotives or rolling stock?
    Yes. You can also upload your own heralds. See our Screenshots page for examples.
  • What happens to my inventory if I decide to terminate my account?
    If you choose to terminate your account with us, you may request that a spreadsheet of your inventory be emailed to you at no charge through our account deletion process.
If your question isn't answered above, contact our Support Team.

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