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MyRollingStock.com is ending operations on March 28, 2021. Click the link below for further details.
End of Operations

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can other users see my inventory?
    No. Only you have access to your records.
  • Is there limit to the number of items I can store?
    Yes. Currently we're limiting paid monthly subscribers to 500 inventory records.
  • Does the trial period have limited features?
    No. Both the trial period and subscription service have the exact same features.
  • Can I upload pictures of my locomotives or rolling stock?
    Yes. You can also upload your own heralds. See our Screenshots page for examples.
  • Can I subscribe before the 30-day trial period ends?
    Yes. You can subscribe anytime you like by navigating to your My Account page and clicking the Subscribe Now link.
  • Is there a fee for cancelling?
    No. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. There is no term commitment and no fee for cancelling.
  • Why do I need a PayPal account? I've used PayPal before without creating an account.
    For subscription services, PayPay requires that you create an account so you can manage your preferred way to pay and pre-approved payments. An account also allows you to cancel your subscription without having to contact us first. We utilize PayPal because it's easy to use; free; and eliminates the need for us to maintain a payment processing infrastructure. This helps us keep our monthly subscription rate low.
  • What happens to my inventory if I decide to cancel my subscription?
    If you cancel your subscription, you will loose access to your inventory records. You can, however, request that a delimited file of your inventory records (excluding images and heralds) be emailed to you at no charge through our account deletion process before you cancel your subscription.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. Since you have complete control of your subscription through your PayPal account, it's up to you to cancel your subscription before an unwanted payment is made.
If your question isn't answered above, contact our Support Team.

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